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More About EPFX-Scio Biofeedback

The first step in the process is to record your body’s electrical measurements. No discomfort or electrical impulses are felt during the testing. The health of the organs and systems are reflected by the life force energy that flows through them.

The EPFX-Scio Biofeedback device is a bioenergetics-computerized system that determines both imbalances and toxicities in the body. This involves evaluation of foods, chemicals, inhalants, supplements, and any other source of stress. It is effective in helping to balance a wide range of conditions including allergies, fatigue, headaches, sleeplessness, respiratory issues, digestion problems, weight loss, endocrine system imbalances as well as other degenerative issues.

The EPFX-SCIO Biofeedback was developed by Professor William Nelson. It combines holisitic therapies with advanced quantum physics technology. The EPFX queries the body by scanning the body for 10,400 different frequency compounds, much like an anti-virus software would do for a computer, for its most acute and chronic conditions. The EPFX-SCIO Biofeedback then attempts to balance these stressors with focused energetic therapy. The main premises of quantum biofeedback therapy are that the body is electrical in nature, innately intelligent, that it has the ability to heal itself if the right conditions or stimuli are provided. Also as part of the therapy, the client becomes more aware of that which has been unknown to them allowing them to make changes to improve their well-being. The EPFX offers over 200 biofeedback therapies in 72 modalities, it is the largest healthcare software package in the world, combining both Eastern and Western philosophies and techniques.

Biofeedback Overview

Biofeedback, quite simply is any technique which takes a measurement of the body, and provides a result. A scale can be said to be a biofeedback device that measures weight; a thermometer one that measures body temperature. We can measure factors of the body electric such as the voltage of the firing brain cells, the amperage of the heart muscle contractions, the voltage of the muscles and the resistance to the flow of electricity of the skin.

We can measure the oscillations of these factors and as seen by the EEG, ECG, EMG and GSR. The same technological theories that brought us biofeedback in the 1960’s, have also brought devices like the CAT Scan, MRI, TENS, ultra-sound, and many other sophisticated technologies to our healthcare systems.

The information measured with a biofeedback device is then “fed-back” to the client, informing them of various physiological parameters and stress responses within the body, and educating them about the need to retrain their body’s stress responses, balance the body electric, make lifestyle changes or learn to control physiological reactions, in order to achieve improved relaxation and better health overall.

EPFX Biofeedback System
In approximately five minutes, the EPFX Biofeedback System can simultaneously detect and record information about the individual client’s stress reactions.

The EPFX Biofeedback System reveals a client’s voltage, amperage, resistance, hydration, oxygen, proton and electron pressure scores; these electrical calculations are important indicators of the health / stress of various different functions in the body.

Different lifestyle factors which could be contributing to the body’s overall stress load are reflected in the EPFX Biofeedback System’s Suppression Obstruction Cure (SOC) scores. Information about reactions to over 11,000 subtle stress related signatures and physiological parameters are also reported for client education.

How the EPFX Biofeedback System helps to improve health.
The EPFX Biofeedback System functions in a multitude of ways, it can send signals to measure and record electro-physiological reactions to a multitude of items, re-educate certain muscles, nerves or organs or it can retrain areas of the body / mind to healthier patterns.

In other cases, it can invert certain signals which seem to be closely associated with a stress pattern.

The EPFX Biofeedback System is by far the most comprehensive biofeedback system on the market today. Pre-designed stress reduction protocols may be used, or programs can be designed to meet the specific individual needs of each client. There are hundreds of different training programs that may used back-to-back in limitless combination’s to obtain optimum results.