Disease of Stress

Lynne Lavers Optimal Health Management
The concept of one Universal disease is not new. How do we define health? How do you differentiate between when a person is diseased and when a person is healthy? Is health just the lack of apparent symptoms?Health is defined as a normal condition of the body and mind with all the parts working normally. That’s pretty simple. Disease is something else: it’s disturbed function, something that isn’t working normally. Did you know that there are no new processes at work in disease that were not there in health? In disease, there are only normal functions that are going too fast or too slow, or are otherwise inappropriate or out of time with need.

Every symptom crisis is produced by either mechanical, chemical, or emotional stress that is either too strong or continues too long for the body to be able to adequately compensate. Any stimulus that threatens homeostasis has disease-producing potential. Therefore, any treatment designed to suppress unpleasant symptoms diminishes the body’s ability to protect itself.

Medical research attempts to find magic bullets for each symptom complex, as if the disease were the primary problem. Natural medicine is not about practicing medicine or treating disease but about nutrition and nourishing the body. So we view the body as a self-healing organism and maintain that the proper way to prevent disease is to study health and every factor that can influence it, favorable or not. In other words, disease is perverted health; it cannot be its own cause, nor can it be its own cure, and certainly not its own prevention.

Health is the harmonious integration of cellular activities in the various systems to meet and ever changing environment, and disease is disturbed function…out of time, out of tune, as well as distorted structure.

We can therefore recognize disease as the inability of the body to maintain a constant normal environment against the various stimuli or challenges that are presented to it.

Symptoms are the first clue that the body is stressed. Having symptoms, however, does not mean that the disease process has begun. Any time that a person has a symptom, look at the internal environment and you will see that some cell, tissue or organ is under considerable amount of stress. The cell, tissue or organ is unable to perform its function properly because the stress is either too strong or has been there too long and either there is a lack of nutrition or an accumulation of too much waste. In other words, the environment is inadequate.

It all comes down to managing stress whether is be mechanical (physical), chemical or emotional.

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