Five Forces of Illness

Lynne Lavers Optimal Health Management

Wouldn’t it be wonderfully convenient if we could take a pill to prevent or treat all illness? Something that would work magically overnight? Something that would harness the underlying forces of health and vitality within your body to combat sickness and disease? Something that would automatically activate your body’s own healing system?If it were only that simple…

There is no magic pill but one of the surprising realities is that we actually do have the power to activate our own natural healing system. We have finally come to understand the 5 forces of illness – the things that are common to most chronic illness. By understanding these forces, these 5 basic laws of Nature, we can activate our body’s own healing mechanism and harness it’s natural intelligence to repair what is wrong within us.

So what are the 5 forces that trigger 90% of illness today?

  • Malnutrition or sludge
  • Impaired metabolism or burnout
  • Inflammation or heat
  • Impaired detoxification or waste build-up
  • Oxidative stress or rusting

These forces are the basic laws of Nature and if we don’t follow the laws of Nature, we become ill. We can overcome some illness with drugs. But there is no magic pill we can take to prevent the illnesses that we face as we age: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and so on. By truly understanding how the body works and using that information to improve our health we can become healthier and feel better. If you look at any chronic condition, these forces are at the root of the problem. These 5 powerful forces can work for you or against you. They can create illness or they can create health.

The good news is that it is possible to transform the 5 Forces of Illness into the 5 Forces of Wellness. The 5 Forces of Wellness seek to get rid of the causes of illness and restore a normal, healthy balance.

Simply put, the program works to restore homeostasis. You can turn malnutrition into sound nutrition and impaired metabolism into complete metabolism. You can reduce inflammation, improve the body’s ability to detoxify and deal with oxidation stress.

This is the heart of Natural Healing….